Resources for MCAS information and practice:
The Department of Elementary and Secondary Education’s MCAS websiteAll official MCAS materials from the DESE
myMCAS.comMCAS practice tests using released/older MCAS questions; corrects your answers and provides links (some broken) for each question.
Study IslandStudents and teachers can access this after logging into the school website. This features MCAS-style questions aligned to state standards, resources and feedback for learning the content, etc.
MCAS Student Tutorial & Practice TestsOfficial practice tests and tutorial from Pearson.
Jeopardy Labs MCAS GamesMCAS questions in a Jeopardy style game
FactileOnline quiz board game
OpenEd ResourcesChoose your Grade, Resource Type (video, game, interactive, assessment, lesson plan, homework, audio, or other), and the Common Core Standard you want to learn about. (Only math and ELA though – no science)
JogNogOffers a free trial for 30 days and has free study games for math, science, and ELA. When you click on the ‘quizzes’ tab, it offers a range of grades (2-college), subjects, quizzes, and it will match up to the state standards. Teachers can also create their own quizzes!
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