Student Belongings Distribution Directions and Schedule

Student Belongings Distribution

Pick-up area will be on Eastern Ave (bus staging area)

Please be patient if your time slot backs up and do not block any intersections

Bags are labeled with student names and will be lined up against the wall for you to grab your child/rens’ belongings. Siblings bags will be grouped together according to the youngest child in the family

You must come at your youngest child’s time slot to pick up all children’s items. 

If your child/ren are in 6th through 8th grade and have no younger siblings, you must come at your child/rens homeroom teacher time slot. (Please ask your child the name of their homeroom teacher.)

Due to the amount of families and social distancing guidelines, we can not accommodate any time changes. 

For the safety of all involved you MUST follow all state guidelines on social distancing

  • Wear a mask that covers your nose and mouth
  • Keep 6 feet between one another at all times
  • Make sure the bag you are picking up belongs to your family before touching it. 
  Please be respectful of all staff members that are there setting up bags by keeping your distance and following this schedule so you do not need any assistance. 

  Once the given time slot is over, the remaining bags will be boxed carefully and we will hold onto the items and distribute them next year when we are able to re-open. 

Time slots can not be rescheduled or changed. 

Tues., May 19th Wed., May 20th Thurs., May 21st
8:00-8:30am McDade/Luna (K) Blumberg/Anderson (3) Sullivan (6)
8:40-9:10am Sarsfield/Cancelli (K) Kote/Rivera (3) Givens  (6)
9:20-9:50am Berrios/Delorge (K) Messier (3) Cohen  (6)
10:00-10:30am Arel/Gleason (1) Harding/Quintin (4) Simoncini (7)
10:40-11:10am Lind/Dipilato (1) Villanueva/Philius (4) Erickson (7)
11:20-11:50am Fahey/Czyzewski (1) Brosnihan/Bryan (4) Schiavone (7)
1:00-1:20pm Delahanty/Laukaitis (2) Vega/Quist (5) Perez (8)
1:40-2:10pm Fitzgerald/Kerr (2) Kilmartin/Palmgren (5) Roach (8)
2:40-3:10pm Lewis/Riel (2) Lopez/Cataldo (5) George (8)
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